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Westmore: Betrayal

I'm happy to announce that Westmore: Betrayal, the fifth volume in the Westmore series is finally here. Betrayal is the theme as Westmore's couples and families face the aftermath of being betrayed by their loved ones.

*The secret of their mother’s death and Andrew’s involvement in the cover-up threatens to destroy The Braxtons.

*Jacob and Alicia’s engagement is put on hold due to the reappearance of his ex-fiancĂ©e, Courtney. Jacob finds himself torn between two women and must make a difficult choice, which will leave one woman heartbroken.

*After a brief separation, Scott and Melissa are reunited. With a baby on the way, life couldn’t be better for the couple. Their happiness is soon shatter when Scott’s rival, Wayne Braxton starts meddling in their lives and reveals a shocking secret.

What other secrets and adventures await the characters, find out in Westmore: Betrayal.


Andrew walked into his bedroom and saw that Elizabeth’s clothes and other possessions were gone, the realization his wife had left him sunk in. He thought she was bluffing and in a few days she’d be back, but judging from the emptiness of her side of the closet, he knew she was serious. Unable to stay in the room, Andrew turned off the light and proceeded downstairs. What have I done? I’ve lost everything.

Even though he regained his position as CEO, the one thing he treasured most, he lost two of the most important people in his life, his brother and his wife. Based on their reactions, he knew they didn’t want anything to do with him ever again.

He poured a glass of whiskey to ease his sorrow, then he heard the door open. Thinking it could be Elizabeth, he ran into the foyer; however his mood dampened when he saw his son.
“What the hell are you doing here?”
“I thought I’d come by and check on you and mom.” After the showdown at the office, Wayne drove around to clear his head. He realized he made a horrible mistake and because of it his family was in turmoil.
“Well, you’re wasting your time. Elizabeth’s left me.”
Although it shouldn’t have come as a surprise, Wayne was still shocked by the news. “Do you know where she went?”
“No,” he angrily replied.
“Did she say when she’d be back?”
“I said I don’t know,” Andrew shouted. “She didn’t tell me anything other than she was leaving.” He collapsed onto the couch and covered his face with his hand.
“I can’t believe this.” Wayne sat on the arm of the couch and tried to come to grips with everything that transpired within the last few hours.
Andrew looked at his son with hatred in his eyes. “You should’ve expected this all along. It’s your fault this is happening.”
The accusation caused fury to erupt inside Wayne. “Don’t you blame all this on me, Father Dearest.” He pointed his finger in Andrew’s face. “I admit it was wrong of me to blackmail you and expose your secret. But what you did is far worse.”
“Don’t you start you little punk.” Andrew jumped from the couch. “I’ve had a bad day and I suggest you keep your mouth shut.”
“No way.” Wayne stared at his father. “You’re the one who helped conceal your mother’s murder. You’re the one who lied to the police. And you’re the one who kept the secret and watched as it caused a feud with Caroline. So in my eyes, you’ve committed much worse deeds than I have.”
Andrew didn’t say a word; instead he pursed his lips together and turned away as Wayne continued his taunting.         
“That’s the way it’s always been with you Andrew. Thinking you’re Mr. Perfect.” Wayne made quotation marks with his fingers. “Then when something goes wrong you blame others for your problems. Well, not this time. I’m not taking the wrap for what’s happened to you.” His face became flush as he unleashed his anger. “You know, I’m happy this happened. Now, everyone can see what a bastard you are.”
Andrew balled his fist as he faced his son. “Shut your mouth or…”
“What are you going to do? Hit me?” Wayne motioned for his father to swing at him. “Come on I dare you.”
He continued clutching his fist as Wayne goaded him; there was nothing Andrew would love more than to knock out his son. But he couldn’t go through with it; he unraveled his fist and looked at Wayne.
“I knew you didn’t have the guts.” Wayne sneered
Andrew’s anger resurfaced with every word that escaped his son’s mouth. Unable to take anymore, he took Wayne’s arm and twisted it behind his back.
“What the hell are you doing?”
“Something I should’ve done a long time ago.” With a tight grip on Wayne, he led him to the front door, where he proceeded to throw him out. “I don’t want you anywhere near me or this house ever again. As far as I’m concerned you’re no longer a part of my life.” Andrew then slammed the door in his son’s face.

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All Authors Blog Blitz--Queen of Spades

Hello everyone.

Welcome to the 2nd Annual All Authors Blog Blitz. Our guest is Queen of Spades, the author of Taint on Religion. Today, she'll be talking her writing journey and how she made the transition from poetry to short stories.

So without further ado, please welcome Queen of Spades.

The Journey of Transcending

Hello. It’s storytime. Pull up a chair and gather around. Coffee, tea and other refreshments are on the table. So you want to know about my journey? Although it’s best suited for an encyclopedia set (do people even have those in their house anymore?), I will try and sum it up as best I can for this special event.

Contrary to popular assumption, my first love wasn’t writing but drawing.  It started around the age of eight.  First, stick figures.  Then, looking at other drawings and replicating them.  Those were mostly of people.  To this day, I still draw but my sketches are more abstract now than anything.  I don’t get to do them as often for writing is an all consuming beast and doesn’t like playing second fiddle.

Writing made its presence felt three years later.  Quite a few things had started to culminate.  The bullying was rampant and caused me to be less of an extrovert.   I discovered things that disturbed my family dynamic.  My grandparents were going through their own chaos, so I didn’t want to worry them.  I put pen to paper and began to write about everything.  Queen of Spades was born then.  She was a bit darker in those times because she also served as my defense mechanism, yet she did what she was supposed to do.

At first, I mainly wrote poems but by the age of thirteen, I had started writing short stories.  The short story muse was no match for my poetry muse, so rather than try to compete it opted to have a seat. 

The influx of poetry continued throughout my school years, even following me on to college.  It was during that time I became a part of a poetry community that would change my life.  On the positive side, it brought greater exposure to my poetry and I was exposed to many different styles of writing.  The organization allowed me to grow in creativity, and I got a chance to network with many people.  But I discovered that all smiles weren’t genuine, and due to my growing popularity in the organization, a few of the higher ups who didn’t like me went to extreme measures to get me out.

One of the former administrators (who left because she didn’t like the new creative direction of the group) invited me to be a part of her group.  I accepted her invitation, but it just didn’t feel the same.  However, during my time there, I helped to put together a poetry anthology that became Soulful Branches: Simply Words.  There were plans to put together a second anthology but it fell through the cracks.  Since quite a few of them had migrated from the old organization, maybe it all was a bit much.  Who knows?  In the end, both places shut down.

In 2005, I had come out with the first version of Spaded Truths.  This took place a few months after the anthology.  Then about a year later (2006), I came out with the first version of Private Pain.  (Both versions were retired earlier this year.)

Back then, I didn’t know much about marketing.  So many people had clamored for me to do a book of poetry.  I thought if I didn’t do it then that I wasn’t going to do it.  I was mistaken but just didn’t know it at the time.

For seven years, I went ghost.  I didn’t stop writing but was in no hurry to share with the world either.  I had seen the ugliness of cutthroat people disguising themselves as friends.  I wanted no part of the fiasco! 

In early 2013, the publishing fly started buzzing around my ear.  I had written a combination of things—poetry and prose but I wanted to name the collection something that would encompass all.  One of my friends helped me come up with the name: Eclectic.  Around that same time, my short story muse decided to wake up.  That led me to include “Misfortune” is the deluxe version of Eclectic (entitled “Beyond the Skin”).

Unlike the times of before, my short story muse did not want to stay silent.  I don’t too much blame her.  She had been mum since I was fourteen.  When I found all of my short story outlines from years ago, it gave further confirmation that my short story muse should be allowed to talk. 

After publication of Private Pain: Amidst These Ashes (revamp of the original Private Pain), I made the decision to give more focus towards doing stories.  One: to see if I’m one of those writers that can succeed in transcending.  Two: to immerse myself in the process of writing short stories on a more frequent basis.  Unlike poetry, which hits me like an adrenalin rush, short stories are more of an ebb and flow.  I need to celebrate that ebb and flow, especially if I do the ultimate marathon—novel writing.

I haven’t too long completed my first independently released short story, Taint on Religion.


Length: Approximately 4,500 words

Extended Blurb: Natasha was taught three things: to love God, to love herself and to always go to church. When a sea of tragedy strikes in her youth, she strays from the path of God. Realizing the error of her ways, she seeks redemption in her adult years. Reverend Jamison and his church looks to be the answer to her prayers. Yet when things in the dark come to the light, Natasha is faced with a tough decision. Does she stay silent with her discovery or does she dare put a taint on religion?

Cost: FREE and available at these following locations

Just recently, I found out that two of my short stories, “Mr. Bradley’s Garden” and “When Summer Lingers”, are to be included in an anthology entitled “Summer Shorts II” by Durham Editing and Ebooks.  Anticipated release date is this month.

All I know is no matter what I’m writing I feel incredibly blessed to be able to share with the world.  Carol, thanks so much for having me on your blog.  I have enjoyed my time here!


To learn more about Queen of Spades visit her sites.