Monday, November 23, 2015

Hearts of Valor eARC Giveaway

Roane Publishing is giving away THREE ecopie ARCs of 
Hearts of Valor!
Hearts of Valor
Genre: Romance Anthology (Sweet) Release Date: January 13, 2016
Publisher: Roane Publishing Keywords: Romance, Anthology, Sweet, military, veteran, war, POW, bravery Description: It takes a heart of valor to survive love's battlefield. Five veteran themed romantic tales brimming with love and sacrifice are sure to show us all what it truly means to have a Heart of Valor.


​Hero of Her Heart - S.L. Hughson
Feathers - T.E.Hodden
A Manly Man - Jean Young
Goin' Home - Philip Lisagor
The Promise - London Saint James
Roane Publishing is giving away THREE ARC copies to three lucky winners!

You don’t even have to be a blogger.

If you are willing to leave an honest review before January 27th, you are eligible to enter.

How? Simply fill out the form!

You have until Midnight of November 28th when three winners will be chosen by random drawing.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cover Reveal: Wrapped in Red by Mika Jolie

Cover Reveal


Book Title: Wrapped in Red (Martha's Way) 
Author: Mika Jolie 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date:December 2, 2015 
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Book Blurb

Christmas is a time to be merry and bright. For Minka Montgomery, it’s anything but. While Martha’s Vineyard bursts with festive lights and good cheer, a black shadow parades around and within Minka. With her Christmas spirit conspicuously absent, her marriage to Jason Montgomery has snowballed and is spiraling out of control. The weight of motherhood – and her new role as a wife – presses on her shoulders. Self-doubt creeps in and swiftly turns to hopelessness. As her anxiety level rises, can she share what’s in her heart with her husband? Is there a branch of hope to hold on to? With Christmas only twelve days away, can she find her Christmas spirit and rediscover the true meaning of the season?

Book Trailer


Christmas Holiday Background with Red Bauble, Ribbon, Snow and Snowflakes



Meet the Author

Author Mika Jolie lives in New Jersey with her happy Chaos—her husband and their energizer bunnies. She loves to write about life experiences and matters of the heart. Let’s face it, people are complicated and love can be messy. When she’s not weaving life and romance into evocative tales, you can find her on a hiking adventure, apple picking, or whatever her three men can conjure up.

She loves to hear from readers. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and Amazon, or drop her an email.






For latest news on her current works-in-progress, interviews with fellow authors, or just to see what she's up to, check out her website: or sign up for her newsletter where you can hear her latest news and enjoy giveaways.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New Release: Deception by Alyson Raynes



Release Date: November 17, 2015

Cover by Robin at Wicked by Design Covers

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I am not the child my father wanted. He's hated me since the day I was born because I'm not a boy. I was never good enough for him, until I met Stefan. Not that it earned me my father's love, but being with a man my father adored, made my life easier.

I thought Stefan was my forever. Until an afternoon of unanswered calls revealed he wasn't the man I believed he was. I had nowhere to turn except into the arms of a stranger.

Dylan Prescott, the mega billionaire, co-worker. The one man I'd sworn I'd never have anything to do with. In my moment of weakness he was strong. Could he save me from my past or will his own secrets destroy us before we even get started?

Silence came over the phone, and then her soft voice. “No. Brooke? Seriously, what’s going on with you two? When you left this morning, you were heading to lunch with Dylan. Why are you with the sex god?” That made me smile. That’s exactly what he was, a sex god, and he was staring straight at me, watching my every move.

I bit my bottom lip. “Stefan and I are not together anymore and I don’t want you answering his calls. I caught him cheating on me with his new assistant at the hotel next to his office.”

“Holy shit, Brooke.”

“I know, and there’s more. When I confronted him he did terrible things to me. I have bruises all of over my body and I’ve been forced to get a restraining order against him. Stay away from him, Mandy. He’s dangerous. I’ll be staying with Dylan for a couple of days until it’s safe for me to get my stuff and move in with you.”

“Are you really safe with the sex god?” she asked.

“Yes. Of course I’m safe with Dylan. He’s been nothing but a gentleman and he’s helping me. I will be forever grateful to him for that.”

Mandy laughed. “Mm hmm. I bet he’s helping you…right into his bed, and you’d be a fool not to test him out. Shit. From what you’ve told me, any woman would love to be in that man’s bed. I bet he’s got a nice cock and is a sweet lover, too.” I rolled my eyes, a little embarrassed at the fact that I’d thought those same thoughts not so long ago myself.

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Alyson enjoys bringing characters to life and has been writing since she was a little girl. Her first published book was in elementary school where it was put on display in the library for others to read. Alyson’s love for books is what compels her to write and create new worlds of her own for others to enjoy.

A Colorado native, Alyson loves to travel. She has visited Ireland, Mexico and most of the United States. Her favorite vacation hideaway is Hawaii. She has a love for the ocean and enjoys swimming with sea turtles in the wild. Alyson is a former accountant who has traded in her abacus for a full-time writing career.enjoys writing everything from erotica to suspense thrillers. Deception is the first book in the The Fixer Series which is both an erotic romance and suspense thriller.

She has been happily married for twenty-three years to her high school sweetheart and is the proud mother of two. Her love of quilting keeps her busy in the winter months when she isn’t writing. Alyson’s favorite past time is spending time with her family, watching football and laughing together.

Alan, Fay and Demona: Preludes of Prism 1 by Synful Desire

Title: Alan, Fay and Demona: Preludes of Prism 1
Author:Synful Desire
Publisher: All Authors Publishing House
Genre: Contemporary Fiction based on True Events
Release Date: November 17th, 2015


What happens when passion blinds reason? The ardent fire of desire meets the shocking and harsh blows of reality in this Prelude of Prism. The convoluted relationships of three individuals morph into a rainbow of disarray.



4:08 AM

It was that moment when it hit home. My life was to be forever altered. The realization poured over me, as wet as the bottom bedroom sheet became. I almost screamed, first believing it was done. However, when I discovered the substance was just water, my fright tapered off slightly.

The bag was already packed. The telephone numbers already on standby. Now for the tough part: waking up the man—no, young boy—responsible for this predicament.

“Alan wake up.” His response was a moan, the wrinkling of his nose and switching from lying on his back to on his side, away from me.

Agitated, I slapped his face. He bolted upright ready to retaliate but lowered his hand as soon as he realized it was me.

“Fay what the hell d’ya hit me for?” He slurred.

“We’ve gotta get to the hospital! My water broke.”

Alan sprung into action. He notified the hospital, trying not to show his panic as he loaded the prepped satchel into the car and guided me into the passenger’s seat.

Spaded Truths Guest Post

It Ain’t All Roses
Hello Carol, and thanks for inviting me to talk about my latest poetry collection, Spaded Truths 2: Life-O-Suction.

A few months ago, I was listening to this song called “Roses” by Mary J. Blige. Although the bulk of the song was talking about the ups and downs of love, one particular line can double as talking about life in general: This love stuff is demanding.

Spaded Truths 2: Life-O-Suction talks about the demands that can suck the life out of us—the internal and the external.

Don’t expect the feel good of Reflections of Soul

or the celebration of the fighting spirit of Private Pain: Amidst These Ashes

Don’t even hold your breath for the light at the end of the tunnel in my contribution to Waves to Light.

Life-O-Suction is one of those where “it is what it is”. It is awareness but doesn’t go out of its way to find a cure. It is a query to gauge understanding yet doesn’t take the extra steps to apply logic. In that regard, this is a publication that may only cater to a particular type of reader, feeler, or thinker. However, I don’t see that as a deterrent, just a sampler on the wine tray of exclusivity.

Sip … if you dare.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Book Review: Playing with Heartstrings by Lydia Winters

Title: Playing with Heartstrings

Author: Lydia Winters

Publisher: Snowflake Press

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Playing with Heartstrings revolves around Sienna, a teen girl who placed her son up for adoption. Two years later, Sienna is in college studying music and meets Aaron. An attraction forms between the two, but their budding relationship is threatened by Aaron’s view on adoption and how he resents his birth mother for giving him up. As Sienna struggles with her secret, she wonders if her relationship with Aaron will survive once the truth comes out.

I loved how the author explored the subject of adoption from both sides. I liked Sienna’s explanation of why she chose to place her son, Hunter up for adoption and I also liked how she had an open adoption and how she got to spend time with Hunter. In the scenes with her and Hunter, you can feel how hard the adoption was on her, yet in her heart she knew she did the right thing and Hunter was with the right family. As for Aaron, he himself was adopted and he feels like an outcast in his family, throughout the story you see examples of how his family treats him differently and understand why he feels the way he does. Aaron feels resent me towards his birth mother and doesn’t understand why she gave him up, and he sets out to find answers.

Throughout the story, Sienna struggles with when and how to tell Aaron. I understood she was scared and worried how he would react, the more she put it on hold I wanted to yell at her to “just tell him already.”

Aside from the adoption issue, there were other obstacles in Sienna and Aaron’s relationship. One was Jared, a guy Sienna was seeing before she met Aaron. Jared was a great guy and even though he and Sienna weren’t exclusive, I felt bad when Sienna broke up with him. Another person who causes trouble for Sienna and Aaron is Dane, Sienna’s ex-boyfriend and father of her child, who contacts Sienna about wanting to see Hunter.

My main critique with the story is the ending; I thought the last chapter wrapped everything up too quickly. For instance, it mentioned Aaron meeting his birth mother and instead of just mentioning in a paragraph, I would’ve loved to have seen that scene play out.

Other than that, Playing with Heartstrings is a cute, romance story that will tug at your heartstrings.

Rating: 4 stars 

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Book Review: Riding by Cassia Cassitas

Title: Riding

Author: Cassia Cassitas

Genre: Fiction, Sports

Publisher: Createspace

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Riding follows the story of Mario and Elizabeth, a married couple who work for the Olympic committee. After traveling the world, they settle down in Curitiba where they raise their son Andre. Andre has a love of riding his bicycle and sets out to make it his dream to become a professional cyclist. He suffers an accident, which is detailed at the beginning of the book and he is fitted with prosthetic legs. Despite his accident, Andre continues with his cycling and works hard to make it to the Olympics with the help of his parents and his trainers.

I loved how descriptive the author was with the settings of the different countries and Mario’s feelings as he prepared for the Olympics, you felt yourself transported into that atmosphere. Elizabeth, I liked her character the most. She went from a career woman to a stay at home mom, who wanted to do more for her country and her son. She encourages Andre with his cycling career and she sets about on a quest to get Curitiba to sponsor more cycling programs for young kids.

The theme of the book is overcoming adversity in order to pursue your dreams. The way the author wrote how each character’s struggle and how they set out to reach their goals was inspiring. Riding is a feel good story that will touch your heart.

Rating: 4 stars